We are a new team of luxury professionals with over 250 years of combined experience. Our passion for creativity and innovation transcends geographic, cultural and linguistic boundaries. The world is our oyster.


Who we are

Where multifaceted experience meets entrepreneurial flair We are a team of international consultants: jewellery designers, watch specialists, journalists, authors and industry experts. Our strength lies in our shared passion for luxury as product and as process. Our mission is to offer professional services to individuals and multinational companies. We are focused on quality design, committed …

Advertising Designs

Making your project unique!

We have the answers to your questions.  We turn into reality the most daring desires of your brand.  Here are some of the issues which the studio can address in the form of unique designs.  Your brand can be seen and recognized in several places in the world. Renowned academies  and luxury groups are our partners. …

The Team

Handpicked for their record of achievement and international expertise, these professionals are here to help your company’s projects succeed. At The Luxury Studio, our contributors have championed the many facets of the jewellery industry, from strategic communications to advertising. Here you will meet photos of our collaborators and read their stories. We will help you. …