Made of Air

Turning rubbish from an environmental process in reusable material was an impossible ambition, but this dream came true with a visionary guy. Not only reusable, he managed to turn carbon dioxide in the most precious material of all: the diamond!


‘Smog Free Tower’ em Pequim.

Dutch 36-year-old, Daan Roosegaarde had his insight when looking at the landscape from your window in Beijing became impossible because of the pollution. He developed a giant air filter (the largest in history) called ‘Smog Free Tower’, a tower of seven meters using just 1,400 watts of electricity per hour – as much as a kettle – to clear about 30,000 cubic meters air compressing pollutants into small cubes. Once discarded, they must return to the production chain – in this case, instead of being disposed in nature as toxic waste, they are re-used to make jewelry. The idea proved to be not only attractive but profitable!

Abotoaduras feitas com os cubinhos de poluentes e resina.

Cufflink made with cubes of pollutants and resin.

According to the designer, the largest amount of smoke particles are carbon, under great pressure, turn into diamonds. These little black cubes are sealed in a cube resin under pressure and used as real gems, like the picture of the part.