Jurassic Jewels

Dinosaur jewelry – It’s true! The fascination on the subject is unquestionable. The creatures, extinct millions of years ago, intrigue adults and children. Millions of people flock to theaters and museums to feel close to the dinosaurs. Imagine having a jewel made with original fossil of the Jurassic period? An artist made it!

Colar, anéis, pingentes e abotoaduras feitas com fósseis de dinossauro e ouro com gemas preciosas by Monique Pean.

Necklace, rings, pendants and cufflinks made with dinosaur fossils and gold with precious gems by Monique Pean.

The creativity of a designer should never be underestimated. Every trip, new discoveries and that will bring the experience to their creations. It was so Monique Péan began his line of sustainable jewelery in 2006. The materials used are free of conflicts: precious stones, diamonds and fossils, as well as 18 karat recycled gold and recycled platinum, coming through trade initiatives without exploitation of miners . These raw materials come from private lands, and their parts are handmade by artisans.

In one of his trips in 2015, Monique fell in love with a fossil dinosaur in Utah, and decided to dare bringing small pieces of bones for its collection dubbed “Solcin”. According to her, the colors and combinations of tones of these fossils bring a mix shades of black, white and peach. Black is formed from iron particles, white is from petrified while the silica crystals fossilized occurred while pastel and peach colors come from the manganese.

Fossils are used always in adornments, such as ivory, for example. These materials are considered organic gems. But in this case, the impact is much more special. “You literally feel holding 150 million years in his hands,” adds the designer, so does the dream can not only see the bones of dinosaurs in exhibitions, but also take home their own piece, use it and feel your energy and your history.

The unique pieces are available in Jeffrey, Maxfield and Barneys New York.



Collection of unique and exclusive rings in gold and bright with dinosaur bones.