More Than a Jewel

Elements of nature that adorn, maintaining their characteristics and natural beauty, in a creative language, committed to Art and freedom. I met the work of Agostina Laurenzano and her brand, Little Tit, from argentina (such a lucky chance) when I was researching about jewellery innovation on Instagram. Upon contacting the designer, I was surprised by the friendliness, seriousness and lightness that she is able to perform and apply at her wonderful work. At this point, I wished to interview her and discover more about her creative world – and voilà, here it is!
Report: Icaro Carlos.

Agostina Laurenzano – Little Tit

How did everything started?

By 2014 I was studying the last subjects of Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires. While I did not feel very convinced whether or not it really was what I wanted for my future, I continued, since I do not like to leave accounts pending and I need to conclude with everything I start. I always insist that “everything happens for something” and the discovery of my passion for contemporary jewelry was no exception to this motto. My last subject matter was Accessories. From the hand of three great teachers and artists: Guigui Kohon, Francisca Kweitel and Mercedes Castro Corbat, I knew a universe absolutely new to me until then. Besides seducing me with their knowledge and talent, they offered me a generous and loving treatment, something very rare in the university setting. Time passed and each time I enjoyed more and more of each class. Today anchoring my passion in this trade, I can say that it is the first time I feel the best of myself, the desire never goes away and my creativity flows like never before. And of course, I finally graduated, but I chose to follow this path, something for which I will always be grateful.

Where do your inspirations come from?

My source of inspiration is always Nature. Within its wonderful universe my muse becomes everything that is perhaps insignificant or ignored in the eyes of the common people: a twig, a fallen leaf, a piece of coral. I am enthusiastic to take that little piece of Nature as it was found for later by means of my technique of encapsulation and the implementation of the color, DESVIRTUAR its origin generating a kind of impressionism, confusing the spectator. The piece is completed with the looks and interpretations given by the public, which are always very interesting.


How can you describe your pieces, on a poetic view and on a design view?

The fact of taking Nature as a starting point, contemplating its wealth is fundamental in my work. I think it is important to be able to express through my work the importance of starting to develop a more conscious consumer consciousness. We live in a capitalist society from which it is practically impossible to get out, however, I believe that we can all contribute to a greater or lesser extent to make it more equitable, taking care of the environment and methods of production. In my case, I take from this system the tools that allow me to generate positive changes. I aspire to generate pieces under a legal and loyal production that contemplates the human factor, without the abuse of our environment. Whoever wears one of my pieces, I would like that person to share the same logic. Finally, and more specifically in relation to the production of the piece, I think that a particularity of my art, is to let myself be carried by the morphology of the element that I encounter, that element always tells me something and I “listen” it. Then I supplement it with my creativity.

How is the jewelry market in Argentina nowadays? What people want?

In Argentina, an audience for the consumption of an artistic discipline as well could be contemporary jewelry, is still emerging. I have the feeling that we are in the middle of acceptance, as that craft production is currently being revalued over serial production which does not give place to an authentic choice. Anyway the common denominator does not stop choosing the trends, I believe that we are not yet a social group that has developed a concept of own identity where the antagonism is accepted.

Do you follow trends?

No, not really, but because I do not want to develop a fashion product. I seek to produce pieces of art. Art may be governed by a social movement, and I think that the tendency of ecology and consumer awareness clearly condition me, but because it is my choice to do so, it is something of a deep interest and self-concern.


Do you have any limitation about materials used to build your designs?

My materials should always be vegan. It’s the same way I feed myself and dress. I am a vegetarian since I was 12 years old, and vegan for a much shorter period. It is true that I would love to be able to corroborate whenever the origin of what consumption comes from a legal production. I control it to the extent that it can, logically many times this makes me impossible. And I get involved with the matter in its rightful measure, I also do not intend to go crazy in the face of circumstances that surpass me and I remain big.

What is your favorite material or gem? Why?

The vegetation, is my inspiration, is the basis of my production, is my conditional and is what gives me energy when I am lacking of it.

What do you think about the future of the jewelry?

I had not been asked about this before, in fact my answer and thought has more to do with the future that holds art, because I consider that contemporary jewelry is an artist discipline, that is how I live it. After this consideration I can say that art in the modern era always occupied a critical and unstable place, precisely because of this globalization that does not give us a place to consider genuine consumption and that is how we are educated. But I believe and hope that this will soon change, because as I said before I consider that we are in a social moment of revaluation of old concepts of production. This is how we function, cyclically, depleting resources and starting over.

Visit the website: Little Tit.