The peridot is one of the most mysterious of all gems.

Records indicate that the old days, the Egyptians found a green stone on an island in the Red Sea – calling it “the gem of the sun”. The legend said that this island was infested with snakes, which made difficult its extraction.

Another curious story involves Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Historians believe that her famous collection of emeralds was actually a collection of peridots. This “misunderstood” persisted also in the Middle Ages.

Currently, peridoto is considered the most commercial of all green gem, especially for its natural vibrant color and free of treatments. Extracted from volcanic lava can be found in the United States, China and Vietnam – but the best quality is found in Myanmar (Burma).

Peridot in different cuts.

Peridot in different cuts.

Tip for use: considered as a soft gem, it can be scratched easily. So avoid using it in rings and bracelets. Steam cleaning can also harm its luster. The best way to clean it is with warm water and mild soap.